How to use the Bebird C3

It is easy to use Bebird C3 by 4 steps.

Step 1: Download and install the Bebird app.

Search for “BEBIRD” on App Store or Google Play Store, download and install the app,or through the link:
You also can download the APP by the QR code on the user manual.

Step 2:Press the power button for 3 second to turn on the Bebird C3.

Press and hold the power button, the blue light will flash when it is turned on.

Step 3:Open the APP, choose Bebird C3. Set up to Connect WIFI “bebird-XXXX”.

Open the Bebird App, set up your Phone/tablet to connect WIFI”bebird-XXXX”.
The first time it needs a few seconds, the next time it will auto connect to your electronic devices.

Step 4:Back to the Bebird app. Click the “Start” button and start to use it.

You can use it to check your ears or explore your micro-world with your electronic devices!

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Love how their answering the questions people have😡 I can’t get mine to connect either.


I’m having a similar problem to the others. It looks like the phone isn’t happy because the wi-fi connection doesn’t have internet, so it appears to keep disconnecting and reconnecting. Is there any way to force Android to trust that I’ve chosen the right wi-fi connection?

Robert Hanlon

I have a Bebird R1,and i’m in the set-up stage and my phone can’t scan the QR code,can someone help


I use this device all the time but for some reason I go to try and use it today and it won’t let me connect. The bebird wifi wants a password but as far as I know there isn’t one. What do I do?

Autumn M Hansen

Your product is absolute garbage, the camera does not work at all… I have gone through every single step and there is no ’start" button or anything of the sort, way to waste money and 2 hours of time trying to set up this literal piece of fucking trash. fuck you bitch.


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