How to use the Bebird C3

It is easy to use Bebird C3 by 4 steps.

Step 1: Download and install the Bebird app.

Search for “BEBIRD” on App Store or Google Play Store, download and install the app,or through the link:
You also can download the APP by the QR code on the user manual.

Step 2:Press the power button for 3 second to turn on the Bebird C3.

Press and hold the power button, the blue light will flash when it is turned on.

Step 3:Open the APP, choose Bebird C3. Set up to Connect WIFI “bebird-XXXX”.

Open the Bebird App, set up your Phone/tablet to connect WIFI”bebird-XXXX”.
The first time it needs a few seconds, the next time it will auto connect to your electronic devices.

Step 4:Back to the Bebird app. Click the “Start” button and start to use it.

You can use it to check your ears or explore your micro-world with your electronic devices!


So I just bought the bee gone wax and I’ve charged it and I’ve connected it to the wifi but it says no internet access and the camera isn’t showing up on the app. How do I fix this?

Chelsea Hunter

I have a new C3. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 9. I installed the app from Google play. I followed all the steps for installation. When I open the app it asks for connection to WiFi. After selecting the device the app takes me to a screen showing an Ear, “Connect to Wifi”, “tap to connect to wifi” and an arrow in an orange circle pointing right. It also has “remaining battery disconnected” and “remaining time disconnected”. When I click on “start” or the orange arrow the app takes me to a screen with “connect bebird wifi bebird-xxxx”. When I click on “go to wlan setting to connect” my phone wifi settings is displayed. I click on bebird-6018 to connect to bebird. The connection shows “connected without internet”. If I press the return (arrow pointing left) the screen with the ear and start button show up. Clicking on “start” just takes me back to connecting to wifi. If when on the Wifi setting screen I click on the “x” a screen asking to scan a qr code displays. If I try to scan the qr code in the instructions I get "couldn’t scan qr code. try again.

I’ve tried restarting my phone, reinstalling the app, disconnecting from the bebird wifi connection and reconnecting. Nothing seems to work.

What do I need to do to resolve this.


I just purchased Bebird C3. I have an iPhone 5
Will the app function with iPhone 5 ?


Sean Murray

What does jump out to connect in phone settings mean when setting up wi-fi

Nancy Merkle

what does it man “ jump out to connect in phone settings “ when setting up bebird wifi%? where does that mean to go. My phone wi-fi is on How to

Nancy Merkle

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