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Bebird R3:The Upgraded Version Of R1 U.S. FCC certification standards U.S. FDA certification standards CE official certification standard RoHS official certification safety...

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Bebird R3:The Upgraded Version Of R1

  • U.S. FCC certification standards
  • U.S. FDA certification standards
  • CE official certification standard
  • RoHS official certification safety

300W HD Endoscope, Exploring The Charm Of the Micro Ear Canal

  • 6 cold light illuminating LED lights, which make cleaning earwax in the ear canal as bright daylight.
  • The 100° field of view angle makes your observation range larger.

  • The maximum depth of field of the lens is up to 50mm, so that the endoscope can be observed very clearly in the ear canal.
  • The three-axis intelligent gyroscope makes the direction sensing of the endoscope more intelligent. Since then, the endoscope has the "sensing" like an airplane and can know "what position" it is in.

IP (INGRESS PROTECTION) Protection Level System  

  • IP6 waterproof protection level
  • IP7 dust intrusion protection level
  • 100° water vapor anti-fog level 

Lens Inner Diameter Is Thinner, Easier To Remove Earwax In The Narrow Ear Canal  

  • The inner diameter of the 3.5mm ultra-fine lens and the 4.1*33mm lens barrel size are designed to solve the narrow or dry ear canal, making it easier and safer to enter the ear canal.
  • Food-grade silicone material, we strictly abide by the safety and health certification standards, which is a guarantee for the safety and hygiene of each customer’s ear canal.
  • Gently twist off the nut to replace the used ear tip, avoiding the embarrassment of sharing an ear tip with others.

Adds A Non-Slip Design And New Standards For Body Temperature

  • The R3 body adopts a water ripple non-slip design, which makes it more fit and comfortable to hold in the hand. It is a combination of practical and artistic design innovation.
  • The otoscope part achieves a non-inductive temperature of 25°; the hand-held R3-body part achieves the same temperature as the palm of 32°.

Increased Battery Capacity, Longer Battery Life

  • The upgraded 185mAh battery capacity of R3,which is 55mAh more than the 130 battery capacity of R1.
  • The battery life reaches about 50 minutes, satisfying one or more people to enjoy the fun of ear picking for a long time.
  • Make operation easier. R3 All-In-One design wireless endoscope, and no need for troublesome cables. Just need to download “BEBIRD” App, connect WiFi then start to check your ear condition easily. Large compatible could be used in iOS/Android devices. It can provide stable and smooth image transmission, and maintain stable and accurate video orientation.

High-End WiFi Chip, Bid Farewell To Signal Dead Ends

  • Strong WiFi signal, strong penetrating power, improve data transmission efficiency, clean the ear canal within 5 meters as you like.

  • You can use it to check teeth, nasal cavity, throat, scalp roots and other body parts anytime anywhere. It is an essential tool for family health.

Choose Safe and Gentle Ear Canal Cleaning At Home

  • It is a bad idea to use a cotton swab, ear scoop or finger to clean your ears. A very bad idea. You may use a cotton swab to remove a small amount of wax, but most of it will only compaction and get stuck further into the external ear canal. In fact, cotton swabs only make the problem worse. The Q-tip is like a garbage compactor in your ear, clogging and compacting, clogging and compacting. Soon, it's time to see a doctor to undo the damage you've done.

Bebird Promise

Brand:  Bebird

Product Name: Smart visual ear cleaning tool

Item Weight: 32.2g

Network standard: IEE 802.11b/g/n

Antenna: Internal FPC antenna

Working Frequency: 2.4 Ghz

Image sensor: CMOS

Working temperature: -10 ~ 50 ºC

Battery: A2 & M9 Pro, X17 Pro 350mAh lithium battery, B1 300mAh, C3 250mAh

Battery life: About 90 minutes(once full charging)

Full charging time: 1.5h

Input parameters : 5V - 0.4A

Working Voltage: 4.7V

Amount of Power: 5W

Lens diameter: 3.5mm

Optimum focal length: 1.5 ~ 2cm

Pixel: 5.0 Megapixels(A2, X17 Pro), 3.0 Megapixels(C3, C3 Pro, M9 Pro), 2.0 Megapixels(B1)

Gyroscope: 6 Axis(X17 Pro) 4 Axis(A2, M9 Pro), 3 Axis(B1, C3, K10)

Model: Bebird A2, K10, B1, C3, M9 Pro, C3 Pro, X17 Pro

More Specifications:Smart visual ear cleaning tool 


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